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Andreas Kröll Trophy

In October 2023, Andreas Kröll, one of the best quiz players of recent years in Austria and Switzerland, died a few months before his 50th birthday. Since Andi came from Tyrol and lived in Switzerland in his last years, he had a decisive influence on both associations as a member - through his achievements and, in Switzerland, also as an official. That's why the Austrian Quiz Association (ÖQV) and the Swiss Quiz Association (SQV) have collaborated to create a tournament in his memory: the ALPENQUIZ.

For the next ten years, prize money of 7,000 euros will be awarded annually, making the ALPENQUIZ one of the most prestigious and valuable quiz tournaments in the world

In a three-month qualification phase from January to March 2024, a total of 18 candidates - nine each from Austria and Switzerland - will be determined who will compete for the ALPENQUIZ title at the final event on April 12th and 13th in Innsbruck.

Details about this year's implementation can be found on the event page of the ÖQV.  The nine best competitors from Switzerland in the Tour de Quiz qualify; if not all of them take part, the next in line will automatically move up.

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