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International Competitions

World Quizzing Championships

The World Quizzing Championships (WQC) are the official world championships of the International Quizzing Association (IQA). They have been held annually since 2003. They consist of 240 questions, spread across the 8 IQA subject categories, and are answered in two blocks of one hour each. 

The event takes place on the first Saturday in June at numerous locations around the world. The SQV organizes the event at its on-site quiz locations; registration takes place as usual via our calendar.

The results of the last few years can be found on the WCQ website; additional statistics can be found in the Wikipedia article.

International Quizzing Championships / Quiz Olympiad

The International Quizzing Championships IQC (held in 2022 as the Ultimate Quizzing Championships and previously since 2004 as the European Quizzing Championships) are an annual IQA event where quizzers from all over the world meet in one city over a weekend to compete in several disciplines and socialize.

Every four years (first in Athens in 2016, then in Krakow in 2021, postponed due to COVID), the Quiz Olympiad takes place instead. In 2024, the Olympics will be held in Fuengirola, Spain from Nov. 7 to Nov. 10.

The SQV is putting together a four-person national team for these events, but anyone can register for them (directly with the IQA on the respective event website), and of course we hope that as many people as possible from Switzerland will take the opportunity to represent our country at international level, meet the best quizzers in the world in direct competition and simply have fun together.

Qutopia ProTour

The Qutopia ProTour is an international quiz tournament series consisting of the monthly or bi-monthly individual quizzes "Unlimited", "Around the World in 80 Questions" and "Squizzed" as well as several Open quizzes organized by national quiz associations, the results of which are combined into a ranking list. In order to be included in the ProTour ranking, it is necessary to create an account with Qutopia. Some of these quizzes are organized by the SQV (see calendar of events), but the quizzes can also be played without supervision (but will not be included in the overall ranking).

OQL World Championships

The Online Quiz League (OQL) organization held its first written world championships on 23 March 2024.

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