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About us


Quizzing is one of the most popular hobbies in Switzerland. Quizzes are played on television, on the radio, in newspapers or with countless quiz apps. We at the Swiss Quiz Association are now establishing quizzing as a competitive sport and offer our own quizzes as well as the official quizzes of the International Quizzing Association (IQA) and the Qutopia Pro Tour.

Participation in the quizzes is open to everyone. Come along, meet other quiz fans and compete with them in a quiz with 80 to 100 questions (details: see Tour de Quiz). You don't have to be a member of the Swiss Quiz Association to take part in the quiz. However, if you are a member of the Quiz Association, you benefit from discounts and can collect ranking points for the Swiss Championship. You can easily become a member here.

If you prefer to take part in a quiz on your screen from home, our online league is the right place for you. Over 150 members compete twice a week in exciting multiple-choice questions. Sound interesting? Register now by e-mail at

The association

The history of the Swiss Quizzing Association began in November 2018 in Venice, the venue for the 2018 European Quizzing Championships. 174 participants from 25 countries took part in these European championships, and for the first time in history there was also a Swiss national team at the start, consisting of three players.

Less than a month later, they met with five other interested parties in Lucerne to officially found the association. The primary aim is to promote quizzing as a competitive sport and as a form of knowledge transfer in Switzerland. On the one hand, we are focussing on cooperation with the international quiz association and, on the other, we want to establish ourselves as an organiser of our own quiz competitions in Switzerland.


The Swiss Quiz Association:

  • offers various international quizzes.

  • organises monthly quizzes in German and English.

  • is the official organiser of the annual decentralised Quiz World Championships.

  • organises the national team for the European Quiz Championships and the Quiz Olympics, which are held every four years.

  • compiles the official Swiss quiz ranking list and organises the Swiss Championships.

The Executive Board

President: Markus Klein
Vice-President: Rajan Thambehalli
Finances: Andreas Kröll
Communication/Website: Prakhar Gupta
Quiz Coordinator: Marcel Zumstein

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